As Ray is a perfectionist, the workmanship is second to none, as attention is paid to the finest detail

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” Just wanted to say what a lovely saddle my new Richmond is. Tom Blachford from L for Leather Saddlers came on Tuesday and found a perfectly fitting saddle, which was lovely to ride in and didn’t move – unlike my other saddles, two of which were made to measure! The saddle is lovely and comfortable, and Edith moves so much more freely in it, using her back properly which she hasn’t been able to do recently. I’m now looking forward to riding and trying it out a lot more. Thank you. “

Joy Taylor & Edith

” Over the last 5 years I have been through various different saddles since breaking Mitzie as a 4-year-old. I have never felt comfortable and relaxed in any of them, and neither had the mare. Steph Smith recently joined my livery yard, so I asked her to do a fitting for me. She measured and did a template; we then tried various different 2nd hand saddles, none of which suited her or me. Steph then showed me her range of new saddles. I was very impressed with the Symonds range, and they suited my budget. Steph sent Mitzie’s template to Ray, and I have to say he has done a fabulous job. The Richmond VSD with suede seat and knee rolls looks amazing. He added the velcro knee blocks for me which work really well. The quality and workmanship is perfect, the saddle fitted Mitzie really well, and I’m finding it really comfortable. Mitzie was instantly more relaxed and I have adopted a far better riding position. We have had a jumping lesson for the first time in a year which went really well.

I would like to thank Ray for his brilliant work, and Steph Smith for her measuring and fitting skills. “

Lisa Wootton & Mitzie, Cornwall

” We were fortunate enough to have Ray recommended to us some 18 years ago now. Contacting him was the best thing we have ever done. I am sure other riders have found themselves at their wits end, unable to find a good fitting saddle and an interested Saddler who is passionate about his work.

Since then, we have had numerous saddles from Ray for the various horses we have had over the years – from dressage to event saddles, and we can honestly say, they have been the best fitting, highest quality, reasonably priced saddles we have ever owned. Ray gives excellent service, fantastic follow-up, and he is passionate about his work. The saddle is made for you and your horse – it is not off-the-peg. The cost is extremely competitive, and we believe you could not find such an excellent product of this quality for the price charged.

We have been able to pass on our great find to our friends over the years, and Ray now has a very loyal following amongst us. We cannot recommend him highly enough – he is awesome (and a jolly nice chap too!)  “

Image 1: Dr. Tim Lee & Maverick
Image 2: Helen Lee & Pumpkin

Dr. Tim Lee and Helen Lee

” Tom Blachford from L for Leather Saddlers Ltd delivered your saddle on Friday, and may I say “WOW” – I am absolutely steaming with pride. You have done a superb job. It fits Blossom perfectly and is so comfortable for me too. I have had two good rides this weekend, and the change in freedom at the front is amazing. I can feel every leg now as well, and the naughty pony routine that Tom witnessed has fast faded away. This proves for once she is comfortable.

Thank you so much Ray, your workmanship is amazing, and your end product is brilliant. I am definitely recommending you to anyone that asks. “

Claire Boutell & Blossom

” Just to let you know how pleased I am with the saddle – it was like riding a different pony!  I’m so impressed that you managed to make it a comfortable fit for both me and him.  It was an absolute joy to deal with a master craftsman like yourself who clearly enjoys the job and is a perfectionist to boot. Once again, many thanks for all your time, help and attention. “

Sue Wilkins


” Symonds Saddlery have been supplying us for more years than I care to remember.  The quality of the leather used speaks for itself; soft, supple, but hard wearing and hardly needs any breaking in at all. As Ray is a perfectionist, the workmanship is second to none, as attention is paid to the finest detail making quality control an easy task. I would say Symonds Saddles are probably one of the best on the market. “


Flyde Saddlery Ltd.

” Ray Symonds first began making saddles for Creaton Saddles in 1989. Throughout this time the quality of materials and the workmanship has always been of the highest standard. Ray’s knowledge of saddle fitting and in particular when dealing with the more challenging equine has been an invaluable source of help in ensuring such horses are guaranteed a well fitting saddle allowing them and their rider to work in complete harmony. We look forward to our continued association with Symonds Saddlery. “

Nick Creaton - B.H.S.I.

Creaton Saddles

I have been very pleased with the saddle made to the template taken by Acorn Saddlery. I was struggling to find a saddle wide enough, with slim panels for his wide flat back, and the Symonds saddle is just  perfect for him. I hunted on Boxing Day with it and there was no movement. I didn’t need to get off once to straighten or move it back.  Thank you Symonds Saddlery. “

Susan & Freddie

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